TRG DIRECT ISF 10+2 Solution

TRG Direct Importer Security Filing (10+2) Module Complete

BARRINGTON, Ill., Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Over the past few years TRG Direct has become the fastest-growing Web-based solution for filing Customs entries in-house. TRG Direct provides a compliance-based solution that allows importers of various sizes to save thousands of dollars annually in outsourcing fees. Even though savings has been a significant factor in the decision for many importers to direct file, the increased supply chain visibility and U.S. Customs compliance are known to be two of the greatest benefits of TRG Direct.
The TRG Direct Team is proud to announce the completion of its Importer Security Filing (10+2) Module. The module allows for importers to choose to direct file both their consumption entries and ISF entries or either through the system. TRG Direct is the simple solution to Importer Security Filing. 

TRG Direct employs a seasoned group of international trade experts whose depth of experience includes: ABI development based on 25 years with U.S. Customs, 25 years of underwriting U.S. Customs Bonds and 30 years in supply chain security management. This team has been instrumental in the growth and maintenance of TRG Direct, as well as the planning and development of the additional ISF module. 

TRG Direct is providing free demonstrations of the new ISF solution. The company is confident that they have developed an easy-to-use system for direct filers using the same techniques and philosophy utilized by TRG Direct in development of the direct file solution. Please join TRG Direct in a discussion regarding the implementation of this program along with the TRG Direct Team and your peers in the industry. 

Save the Date! 

Importer Security Filing goes into effect January 26th, 2009. Learn how you can file an entry in only minutes. TRG Direct is offering the following demonstration dates at 11:00 AM CT: January 7th, 2009, January 14th, 2009 and January 21st, 2009. 

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Dial 914-339-0010
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TRG Direct continues to strive to bring the easiest cost saving compliance solutions to importers direct. Keep an eye on TRG Direct as you can expect to see the company expand and improve upon its innovative solution to meet the needs of the changing import industry. Visit where education is the key to informed compliance and the solution to Importer Security Filing is only three simple steps away.