QuestaWeb Introduces New 10+2 Module for Importer Security Filing

WESTFIELD, N.J. - (Business Wire) January 15, 2009 QuestaWeb, Inc. (, a premier provider of Web-based integrated global trade management solutions, today announced the release of a new, Web-based module designed to help companies comply with the Importer Security Filing (ISF) regulation, better known as 10+2. QuestaWeb’s 10+2 (ISF) module facilitates information gathering and data submission and supports use in either a manual or an automated mode, at the client’s choice. Extensive built-in communication capabilities maintain bidirectional information flow, assuring current information as worldwide trade conditions change. Advanced functionality allows firms to build ISFs automatically from purchase orders and commercial invoices and, by design, the module electronically ties the final entry information back to the ISF filing for efficient recall when needed. Notably, QuestaWeb’s 10+2 (ISF) module eliminates transaction fees for both filing and amending ISFs.

QuestaWeb Vice President Wayne Slossberg says, “Many importers are now weighing the options for how best to comply with 10+2 when it takes effect January 26th. Most surveys indicate companies plan to have their customs broker file on their behalf. This approach will create additional costs, which may be significant for companies with moderate to high entry volumes. Beyond cost, the biggest challenge for importers will be the quality of the information—what to get, how to get it, how to manage it and how to communicate it. QuestaWeb’s 10+2 module gives importers the technology to manage and communicate the required information efficiently.”

Slossberg continues, “QuestaWeb’s 10+2 (ISF) module deploys behind a firm’s firewall and operates in a Web environment. Its acquisition cost is modest, and return on investment accrues from transaction fee elimination, among other savings. With QuestaWeb technology, importers can gain control over 10+2 requirements and later build on this technology foundation for other global trade needs without fear of initial software investment obsolescence.”
The QuestaWeb 10+2 (ISF) module offers firms:

• Complete control over processes, transmissions and data quality. Firms possess the option to
-- Allow vendors to input data and transmit to U.S. Customs/brokers directly
-- Review and edit vendor data and transmit information to U.S. Customs/broker themselves

• Manual or automated processes
-- Use built-in standardized file formats
-- Use your own formats

• No transaction fees

QuestaWeb technology is the application of choice for growing numbers of Fortune 500 importers and exporters. With QuestaWeb’s TradeMasterQW Global Trade Management (GTM) software, companies experience increased speed to market or production floor; enhanced revenue via fewer fines and audits; lower logistics rates; unparalleled ability to identify landed costs; and real-time capability to reconcile purchase orders and commercial invoices. QuestaWeb’s software technology, available in modules designed to solve every global trade need, delivers a distinct marketplace advantage for your technology investment. About QuestaWeb, Inc.

QuestaWeb is a premier provider of integrated, Web-based global trade management software solutions. The firm’s business model unifies import, export, logistics, compliance and financial processes including U.S. Customs clearance, landed costs, Harmonized Tariff Schedule classifications, export licensing, denied party screening, quota management, product catalog, tracking, event management and international document repository. The centralized global database maintains up-to-date compliance content and supports multiple languages, currencies and time zones. QuestaWeb was one of the first companies certified by U.S. Customs for electronic connectivity initiatives. The company’s flagship product, TradeMasterQW Global Trade Management System, proactively manages export and import processes for importers, exporters, brokers and freight forwarders. It accelerates the flow of goods across the global supply chain, reduces inventory and operational costs and ensures compliance with ever-changing cross-border regulations.