CargoWise edi Announces Web Portal Functionality for 10+2 CBP Data Compliance

Chicago, Illinois, USA, December 9, 2008 – CargoWise® edi, a leading provider of integrated international supply chain logistics management systems, announced that it has implemented a new data entry portal to its flagship ediEnterprise software solution that will enable importers, customs house brokers and forwarders to address the new shipment documentation issues required by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency’s Secure Freight initiative that is intended to further enhance import and export laws for increased global supply chain safety. 

“With the interim final ruling by CBP, the freight forwarding industry is witnessing the most significant changes in regulatory reporting data requirements in years,” said Bill Todd, Business Development Manager CHB, for CargoWise edi. “The new Importer Security Filing (ISF) 10+2 requirements will push information gathering and data entry requirements further through the early segments of the supply chain. Some customs brokers may view this as an additional cost of doing business; however with an appropriate software solution others are utilizing the mandate to lower their costs by capturing data entry early in the supply chain and off-shore, while increasing their customer service by having more complete and timely information. The right software system is critical to capitalizing on ISF.” 

The 10+2 rule is a forceful leap forward in supply chain regulation, which moves up the timeframe companies have to report detailed shipping manifest information to Customs. With ISF, data reporting will require importers to redeploy internal resources and/or reconfigure their computer systems to accurately collect and report the new data to Customs. The interim rule also changes the penalties for failure to file from the value of the merchandise to $5,000 per violation. CargoWise edi, as a licensed U.S. CBP service provider, is dedicated to providing a platform that will enable customs brokers to meet the new regulations efficiently and effectively for customers. 

“By utilizing the proper enterprise solution to meet new security mandates, we believe shippers and forwarders can actually add value and lower costs while increasing their customer service by accessing additional cargo shipment information more effectively in the reporting process,” said Todd. “The ediEnterprise solution will enable our customers to receive 10+2 data directly from shippers via a Web portal. This will provide customers with a robust and efficient reporting process that will meet critical CBP requirements while saving them human resources and eliminating the need to reconfigure their entire computer system.”
CargoWise edi is committed to delivering ISF through ediEnterprise for the January 26, 2009 deadline. With the final ruling from CBP, CargoWise edi has added functionality to capture the remaining elements not already in its comprehensive ediEnterprise solution and is currently testing outbound messaging to CBP. Concurrently, CargoWise edi is enhancing functionality to extend the data input from a Web interface directly into ediEnterprise. 

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